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# Tutorial一覧

# Refference一覧

# 組み込み関数

📺abs() format() object()
📺all() frozenset() oct()
📺any() getattr() open()
📺ascii() globals() ord()
📺bin() hasattr() pow()
📺bool() hash() print()
📺bytearray() help() property()
📺bytes() hex() range()
📺callable() id() repr()
📺chr() input() reversed()
classmethod() int() round()
📺compile() isinstance() set()
📺complex() issubclass() setattr()
📺delattr() iter() slice()
📺dict() len() sorted()
📺dir() list() @staticmethod()
📺divmod() locals() str()
📺enumerate() map() sum()
📺eval() max() tuple()
📺exec() memoryview() type()
📺filter() min() vars()
📺float() next() zip()

# 文字列 Methond

📺capitalize() isidentifier() rindex()
📺casefold() islower() 📺rjust()
📺center() isnumeric() rpartition()
📺count() isprintable() rsplit()
encode() isspace() rstrip()
📺endswith() istitle() split()
expandtabs() isupper() splitlines()
📺find() join() startswith()
format() ljust() strip()
format_map() lower() swapcase()
index() lstrip() title()
isalnum() maketrans() translate()
isalpha() partition() upper()
isdecimal() replace() zfill()
isdigit() rfind()

# Python List/Array Methods

append() 📺clear() 📺copy()
count() extend() index()
insert() pop() remove()
reverse() sort()

# Python Dictionary Methods

📺clear() 📺copy() 📺fromkeys()
📺get() 📺items() keys()
pop() popitem() setdefault()
update() values()

# Python Tuple Methods

count() index()

# Python Set Methods

add() 📺clear() 📺copy()
difference() difference_update() discard()
intersection() intersection_update() isdisjoint()
issubset() issuperset() pop()
remove() symmetric_difference() symmetric_difference_update()

# Python File Methods

close() detach() fileno()
flush() isatty() read()
readable() 📺readline() readlines()
seek() seekable() tell()
writeable() write() writelines()

# Python 用語集

and as assert
break class continue
def del elif
else except FALSE
finally for from
global if import
in is lambda
None nonlocal not
or pass raise
return TRUE try
while with yield